Stereo Digital Volume Control

The CS3310 is a complete stereo digital volume control designed specifically for audio systems. It features a 16-bit serial interface that controls two independent, low-distortion audio channels. The CS3310 includes an array of well-matched resistors and a low-noise active output stage that is capable of driving a 600 Ω load. A total adjustable range of 127 dB, in 0.5 dB steps, is achieved through 95.5 dB of attenuation and 31.5 dB of gain. The simple 3-wire interface provides daisy-chaining of multiple CS3310s for multichannel audio systems. The device operates from ±5 V supplies and has an input/output voltage range of ±3.75 V.

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Volume Controls


  • Complete digital volume control
    • Two independent channels
    • Serial control
    • 0.5 dB step size
  • Wide adjustable range
    • -95.5 dB attenuation
    • +31.5 dB gain
  • Low distortion and noise
    • -100 THD+N
    • 116 dB dynamic range
  • Noise-free level transitions
  • Channel-to-channel crosstalk better than 110 dB
  • Package: 16-pin plastic SOIC; lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Channels 2
Dynamic Range (dB) 116
Gain (dB) 31.5
THD+N (dB) 0.001%
Analog Power Supply (V) +/-5
Digital Power Supply (V) 5
Supply Current (mA) 7 (Analog typ);
0.45 (Digital typ)
Package 16 SOIC

Software and Tools

IBIS Model for the CS3310

Sep 23, 2005, SW-3310 : 56 Kb


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