8-Pin, 24-Bit, 96 kHz Stereo D/A Converters

The CS4334/35/38/39 family of stereo audio DACs come in a small and simple 8-pin package. These DACs contain on-chip digital de-emphasis, operate from a single 5 V power supply, and require minimal support circuitry to support all major audio data interface formats. The individual devices differ only in the supported interface format.

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  • Low-clock-jitter sensitivity
  • Filtered line-level outputs
  • Popguard®technology for control of clicks and pops
  • 8-pin plastic SOIC package, lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Channel(s) Out 2
Resolution (bits) 24 (CS4334)
16 (CS4335)
16 (CS4338)
16 (CS4339)
Dynamic Range (dB) 96
THD+N (dB) -88
Sample Rate (kHz) 2-100
Analog Power Supply (V) 5
Digital Power Supply (V)
Operational Power Consumption (mW)
Output Level (Vrms) 1.2
Package 8 SOIC

Software and Tools

CS4334 IBIS Model

Aug 18, 2006, SW-4334 : 11 Kb


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