Single-Phase, Bi-Directional Power/Energy IC

The CS5461A enables digital power meter manufacturers to provide highly accurate, cost-effective solutions for measuring power usage. This IC is an integrated power-measurement device that combines two Delta-Sigma analog/digital converters (ADCs), high-speed power calculation functions and a serial interface on a single chip. Additional features include AC and DC calibration and phase compensation. Designed for residential single-phase or industrial three phase power-meter applications, the IC accurately measures instantaneous current and voltage while calculating instantaneous power, real power, apparent power, IRMS and VRMS.
The CS5461A is easy to design in as a pin-compatible upgrade to the popular Cirrus Logic CS5460A. It retains all the functionality of its predecessor, while also providing an on-chip temperature sensor which can be used to lower the temperature coefficient, allowing for higher accuracy over temperature. For communication with a microcontroller, the IC features a bi-directional serial interface, which is initialized and fully functional upon reset. The CS5461A can interface to a low-cost shunt resistor or transformer for current measurement and to a resistive divider or potential transformer for voltage measurement. The CS5461A delivers accurate power usage measurements and is ideal for electronic power meter applications.



Energy Measurement


  • Energy data linearity: +0.1% of reading over 1000:1 dynamic range
  • On-chip Functions:
    • Instantaneous voltage, current and power
    • IRMS and VRMS, Average Real and Apparent Power
    • Energy-to-pulse conversion
  • Meets accuracy spec for IEC, ANSI, JIS
  • Low-power consumption
  • Adjustable input range on current channel
  • GND-referenced signals with single supply
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • On-chip 2.5 V reference (typ 25 ppm/°C)
  • AC/DC system calibrations
  • Phase compensation
  • Simple 3-wire digital serial interface
  • Power-supply monitor
  • Programmable energy-to-pulse output function
  • Configurable pulse outputs for stepper motor or mechanical counter
  • Power supply configurations:
    • VA+ = +5 V; AGND = 0 V;
    • VD+ = +3.3 V to +5 V
  • Package: 24-pin SSOP; lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Not Recommended for New Designs
Recommended Replacement: CS5490


Comprehensive Solutions