Low Power Audio DSP

WM0011 Audio DSP provides Cirrus Logic HD audio quality, with a power-budget targeted at handheld battery-powered audio devices. WM0011 combines the advanced Tensilica HiFi EP™ audio DSP with an I/O and peripheral set optimized for flexible integration into smartphones, tablets and other portable consumer electronics devices. WM0011 is ideal for extremely power-efficient implementations of advanced voice enhancement, telephony noise reduction, voice and music codecs and general audio enhancement. A very wide range of audio codecs, voice codecs and third-party algorithms from such companies as Waves Audio, SRS Labs and Dolby are available, providing a rich portfolio of audio-processing options that can be integrated into a device with no additional software development. WM0011 comes in a space-saving 3x3mm 49-ball W-CSP package with 0.4mm pitch.

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Audio DSPs


  • Tensilica HiFi EP™ 24-bit audio digital signal processor
    • C-programmable with advanced debugging and profiling tool set
    • Local RAM memory
    • Instruction / Data cache memories
    • General-purpose system RAM
    • Flexible boot options supported within ROM
    • 32 Channel DMA
    • XTAL or CMOS clock input
    • Low power programmable PLL
  • Security
    • Support for HW Authentication
    • Random Number Generator (RNG) to assist security algorithms
  • Peripherals
    • SPI Main/Secondary interface
    • 3 x multi-channel serial digital interface (I²S, TDM)
    • UART
    • I²C Main
    • I²C Secondary
    • 3 x 32-bit general-purpose timer modules
    • Watchdog timer
    • On-chip JTAG debug unit and trace buffer
    • GPIO
  • Software-defined standby modes for extended battery life

Parametric Specifications

Not Recommended for New Designs
Recommended Replacement: CS48L11


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