3-Channel CCD/CIS ADC

The WM8213 is a 16-bit analog front end/digitizer IC which processes and digitizes the analog output signals from CCD sensors or Contact Image Sensors (CIS) at pixel sample rates of up to 24MSPS. The device includes three analog signal processing channels each of which contains reset level clamping, correlated double sampling and programmable gain and offset adjust functions. Three multiplexers allow single channel processing. The output from each of these channels is time multiplexed into a single high-speed 16-bit analog to digital converter. The digital output data is available in 8-bit wide multiplexed format and there is also an optional single byte output mode, or 4-bit multiplexed LEGACY mode. An internal 4-bit DAC is supplied for internal reference level generation. This may be used during CDS to reference CIS signals or during Reset Level Clamping to clamp CCD signals. An external reference level may also be supplied. ADC references are generated internally, ensuring optimum performance from the device. Using an analog supply voltage of 3.3V and a digital interface supply of 3.3V, the WM8213 typically only consumes 350mW.



Imaging A/D Converters


  • 16-bit ADC
  • 24MSPS conversion rate
  • Low power – 350mW typical
  • 3.3V single supply operation
  • Single, 2 or 3 channel operation
  • Correlated double sampling
  • Programmable gain (9-bit resolution)
  • Programmable offset adjust (8-bit resolution)
  • Flexible clamp control with programmable clamp voltage
  • Flexible timing, can be made compatible with WM819X and WM815X parts.
  • 8-bit wide multiplexed data output format
  • 8-bit only output mode
  • 4-bit LEGACY multiplexed nibble mode
  • Internally generated voltage references
  • 28-lead SSOP package, pin compatible with WM8199
  • Serial control interface

Parametric Specifications

Resolution (bits) 16
Speed (MSPS) 24
Input PGA (bits) 9
Output Format 8+8 bit multiplexed;
8 bit parallel;
4+4+4+4 bit (nibble)
Supply (V) 2.97-3.63
Power Consumption (mW) 350
Package 28 SSOP


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