Cirrus Logic's Playback lets users hear quality audio as it was meant to be heard

Playback solutions from Cirrus Logic bring music, movies and games to life, giving users a premium audio experience from their mobile device. It's truly Innovation that Rocks!®

Playback Technologies

Hi-Fi Audio Experience

Hi-Fi Audio Experience

For hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide, having a high-quality music listening experience – at home or on the go — still matters.

Learn about our hi-fi playback solutions.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Multiple MEMS microphones capture your noisy surroundings, and “anti-noise” is generated and processed within our smart codec, sending pristine audio to your digital wearable headset to preserve the audio you care about most.

Speaker Protection

Speaker Protection

Boosted amplifiers help fill the room with great sound while providing unparalleled speaker protection.

Post Processing

Audio Post Processing

Cirrus Logic offers a wide range of post processing including in-house and from some of the biggest software brands in the world.



Ultra-low latency processing allows for a full Karaoke experience on your mobile device using headphones, in-built or wireless speakers. One listen and you’ll say “Cirrus Rocks!®

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SoundClear Playback Demo

Cirrus Logic's SoundClear® technology elevates the user experience ...

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Recommended Hardware

Portable Codecs

  • WM8904

    Ultra low power codec for portable audio applications

  • WM8962

    Ultra low power codec for portable audio applications

  • CS42L51

    Low power stereo codec with headphone amplifier

  • CS42L52

    Low power codec with Class D speaker driver

D/A Converters

  • CS43L21

    98 dB, 96 kHz, low power, stereo D/A converter

  • WM8918

    Ultra low power stereo DAC with headphone driver, 3 line inputs

  • WM8741

    24-bit, 192 kHz, advanced D/A converter with advanced digital filtering

  • CS4398

    120 dB, 24-bit, 192 kHz stereo D/A converter with DSD support


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