Audio playback should be a near perfect reproduction of the original recording

Codecs can combine a variety of audio performance functions with low power processing and the ability to be software enabled. These ICs are empowering new forms of user engagement in the most recognized mobile, consumer, professional audio and voice applications.

  • High-performance codecs
  • Portable codecs
  • PC codecs
  • Headset codecs
  • Imaging AFE codecs
  • Smart codecs
  • Interfaces and clocking codecs

Hi-Fi Audio

For millions of consumers worldwide, having a high-quality, high-fidelity music listening experience still matters in the digital era. Cirrus Logic believes that true hi-fi playback should reproduce audio that is as close to the original sound as possible. For our codec ICs, hi-fi audio isn’t just about specifications. It’s more about how it should sound – alive, warm, clear and distortion free. Everything we do in the design of our audio products is done to ensure we don’t interfere with the audio experience. That amazing sound is not only captured, it's delivered.