WISCE Development Tools Suite

Cirrus Logic's innovative WISCE™ Development Tools Suite supports you throughout your evaluation and development, helping you to tune your products to maximize your competitive advantage and minimize your time-to-market.

WISCE Version 3 can configure and manage multiple systems of multiple devices simultaneously, using graphical signal routing to simplify setting up and debugging complex (or simple) signal paths. Cirrus Logic’s patented interactive register map makes detailed debugging easier and more efficient.

Wire-free remote configuration via WISCEBridge™ allows you to work directly with your form-factor product for final tuning. Exporting these configuration settings for importing into Android or Windows devices, along with standard Linux or Windows drivers (available separately), forms an important tool in end-product optimization.

The WISCE software suite gives you a single evaluation environment for your Cirrus Logic devices. Once installed, you can add as many device and firmware packs as you require. Each pack will integrate with WISCE and add support for a specific device or DSP firmware product.

Key benefits of WISCE:

  • Graphical signal routing allows you to draw out and visualize your signal paths, simplifying the setup and debug of complex (or simple) use cases;
  • Intuitive task-specific panels provide detailed configuration of specific components within the chip or system;
  • Sequences of operations can be viewed, saved and reloaded, allowing past settings to be restored instantly, and providing a reference when developing software to control the device in your application;
  • Simulated systems and devices enable offline debugging and analysis as well as the ability to prepare scripts and configurations in advance of hardware being available;
  • A wide variety of communication transports support systems at different stages in the life cycle. Tune your form-factor product directly using WISCEBridge – versions are available for Linux, Android, Tizen, WebOS and Windows, and sample code is available to write your own connection to other systems;
  • Exported settings can be directly imported by the drivers on your system, saving development time and improving quality;
  • The WISCE Extensions SDK provides everything you need to write your own extensions to WISCE, tune your own algorithms, or build on WISCE to control Cirrus products directly from your application. Contact your local field team for more information.

Download WISCE Software

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Software Versions
WISCE 32bit Software: Download Now
Version (ZIP - 43.2 MB)
WISCE 32bit Software for offline installation (includes .Net): Download Now
Version (ZIP - 322 MB)
Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 x86, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 8 x86, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7 x86, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista x64
You will also need the device and firmware packs for the specific Cirrus products you are using. Search the products section or contact your local field team to obtain these.


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