Ultra Low Power Portable Codec with Speaker and Headphone Drivers

The ultra low power WM8963 stereo codec features a programmable audio enhanced DSP, 2 watt per channel speaker drivers and Class W headphone drivers. An integrated charge pump provides a ground referenced output that eliminates the need for DC-blocking capacitors on the headphone outputs and incorporates a dual-mode charge pump architecture to optimize efficiency and power consumption during playback.



Portable Codecs


  • DAC SNR 98dB (‘A’ weighted), THD -84 dB at 48 kHz, 1.8 V
  • ADC SNR 94dB (‘A’ weighted), THD -85 dB at 48 kHz, 1.8 V
  • Stereo Class D speaker driver
    • 2 W per channel into 4 W BTL speakers
    • 2 W mono mode (for improved THD)
    • Flexible internal switching clock
  • Class W ultra-low power headphone driver
    • Up to 31 mW per channel output power at 1% THD+N
    • Support for 2 stereo headphone outputs
    • Ground Referenced
    • Low offset (+/- 1.4 mV)
    • Pop and click suppression
  • Microphone Interface
    • Four stereo, single-ended analogue inputs
    • Digital microphone interface
    • Integrated low noise MICBIAS
    • Integrated LDO to generate MICVDD supply
    • Programmable ALC / Limiter and Noise Gate
  • Programmable Audio Enhancement DSP with Presets
    • Virtual Surround Sound
    • ReTune™ frequency linearisation
    • Multi-Band Compression (MBC)
  • Fixed Audio Processing DSP
    • LPF/HPF
    • 3D stereo widening
    • 5-band Parametric EQ
    • Dynamic range controller
    • Beep generator
  • Integrated FLL for flexible audio system clocking
External clock outputs from FLL
  • Low power consumption
    • 5.0m W headphone playback
    • 6.1m W analogue record mode
    • 1.8 V analogue & digital I/O supplies
    • 1.2 V digital core supply, for low power operation. 1.7 V (min) required for full range of clocking ratios
    • 5.5 V (max) speaker supply for high power output
  • 2-wire I²C and 3- or 4-wire SPI serial control interface
  • Standard sample rates from 8 kHz to 96 kHz
  • 3.6 x 3.9 mm WLCSP 49 pin

Parametric Specifications

DACs 2
ADCs 2
DAC THD+N (dB) -85
ADC THD+N (dB) -82
Sample Rate (kHz) 96
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.7-2
Power Consumption (mW) 6.1-26.5
Package 49 WLCSP

Technical Documents

WM8963 Product Data Sheet

Feb 9, 2017, Rev 4.2 : 4.6 Mb


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