Energy Measurement

Cirrus Logic has over a decade of experience in energy measurement. We focus on providing the easiest to use, highest accuracy, lowest cost, and most flexible AFE solutions available on the market today. Whether customers are building utility meters, power supply monitors, smart appliances, smart plugs, electric vehicle chargers, or solar inverters, they can rely on Cirrus Logic to provide the highest level of performance at the lowest cost, with the best support in the industry.



CRD5490 Reference Design GUI

May 1, 2012, V1-P1 : 63962 Kb

CDB5480U Evaluation GUI

Mar 28, 2012, v2.2.2 : 27218 Kb

CDB5484U Evaluation GUI

Mar 28, 2012, v2.2.2 : 27221 Kb

CDB5490U Evaluation GUI

Mar 28, 2012, v2.2.2 : 27207 Kb

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